Welcome to Footsteps of Hope Counselling

Sometimes life can be so overwhelming and not knowing how to deal with problems and the emotions that come hand in hand with them can keep a person discouraged and stuck in a vicious cycle. We are all on a path in the ‘journey of life’ and regardless where we are on that path, having someone to talk to can ease the burden and help a person find new direction and pathways for a brighter tomorrow.

I know how hard it can be for people who are intensely hurting to reach out and seek the help of a counsellor but it is my desire to help people find healing from the pain and wounds that deeply affect us all and to help them grow through this difficult season. This I believe is found through freedom, growth and faith. Freedom from the past, growth in the present and faith for the future.

“In this place I walk the inner corridors of people’s lives. Therefore I walk softly with wonder and awe ~ for no greater privilege can they give than to open their hearts and let another in”
Author Unknown