When someone is hurting, this not only affects them emotionally but also physically and spiritually as well. In the confusion, stress and anxiety it is so easy to become overwhelmed and feel powerless. When this happens it is important to realise that how we feel, how we see things, what we believe and what we tell ourselves impacts and determines how we respond to the pressures around us.

It’s in these times that it can be beneficial to have someone to talk to who can offer support and assistance with skills for finding healthy alternatives for some of life’s hard questions. It can be very helpful to discover new ways for seeing things which can then lead to finding other options as well. Just having someone who understands and listens can help one get through the most difficult times.

There are many reasons why people need a listening ear and whatever your reasons are for coming to Footsteps of Hope, I can offer you professional help in a private, discreet, comfortable environment where you can talk with a trained counsellor in complete confidence and also if needed I can provide referrals to other services as required.

I provide a safe place for you to clarify your problems and then we work together towards positive changes and growth for new resolutions, with determination and hope. I seek to understand your world and the way you experience it and Footsteps of Hope Counselling is a place where you will find understanding, compassion and support from someone who cares.